The roots of ERZI–Flock–Technik lie in the commencements of technical 3D flocking. With lots of pioneer work, we started 1973 with the flocking of curlers. At that time ERZI-Flock-Technik was a one-man business. From the very beginning it was important for us not to act as a wageworking company but to take part directly in the development of a product and to offer our product out of one hand to the customer.

We are qualified partners starting from the product development and construction, over mould making, sampling and injection moulding production to flocking. Since 1985 the company has operated in the cosmetic trade. With moving to Rommelsbach in 1991 the foundation for development and growth was set. Today, the company, founded by Erhard Zindel, is lead as a family business in the 3rd generation.

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