Sustainable Energy for ERZI-Flock

With the successful commissioning of the new solar power system on the roofs of its

company buildings, ERZI-Flock is pursuing the goal of sustainable production. It is

thereby intensifying its efforts to produce flocked applicators for the cosmetics industry in

a carbon-neutral manner.

The recently installed 560 PV modules on the roofs of the production halls and laboratories now generate approximately 208 kWp. This new system has thus made it possible to considerably
reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
"Our ambition is to produce sustainably and, bit by bit, to manufacture our sophisticated applicators for our customers in the cosmetics industry in a climate-neutral manner" says
Managing Director Andreas Zindel, outlining the company's objectives in commissioning the new system.

EUR 170,000 was spent on the new photovoltaic system. The company is therefore continuing what was already shown to be a clear winning strategy during its past investments in modern systems technology: the creation of ideal production conditions for the development of innovative and high-quality, flocked applicators.

After the first half of the year, the management is confident: "With this investment in renewable energy production, we're doing justice to a matter that's close to our hearts,” says Zindel. It is not only a question of talking about the responsible use of natural resources, but of actually acting. This will further strengthen the company and deepen the trusting cooperation with its customers.