50 years of ERZI-Flock

This year ERZI-Flock Technik looks back on 50 years of company history. A good reason to pause and review the development steps of this unique company.

It all began in the late 1960s when Erhard Zindel, a self-employed hairdresser in a small town called Sondelfingen near Reutlingen, discovered in his salon that it was much easier to curl hair with flocked curlers as they would stick better and did not get very hot.

Once inspired by this discovery, Erhard Zindel soon owned the first flocking machine and an injection moulding machine, both placed in the basement. Different sizes and colours followed and he quickly gained his first experience in marketing his products himself.

In 1985, the company moved into the cosmetics industry and developed make-up applicators for decorative make-up. From the beginning it mattered to Erhard Zindel not to act as a contract flocker but for his company to actively participate in product development.

In 1991 and upon the second generation joining the company, Gert Zindel moved to Reutlingen-Rommelsbach where he had extended production and administration buildings built, thus laying the foundation for the prospering company of today.

Over time and following current brand trends, the company developed up to 250 different articles and applicators. After designing the simple, cylindrical-bevelled applicator, a special milestone was the 18° curved applicator developed in 2004.

The company once again consolidated its role as a pioneer and industry leader with the heart-shaped flexible form created in 2012, offering more functional freedom and equipped with a movable tip as a special feature.

The new foldable Bi Surface technology was already introduced in 2015.

Now in its third generation and with over 100 employees, ERZI-Flock is managed by Andreas Zindel as a modern production unit, at peak times organised as a three-shift operation. The new injection moulding hall, the newly equipped laboratories, the food approval according to EC Food Grade by the EU and the commissioning of the inhouse solar plant not only reveal modern accents but also form the profile of a highperformance and highly innovative company.

All of this was reason enough to welcome staff, former employees and neighbours to a cheerful anniversary celebration on the company’s premises in early July 2022. The company management was particularly interested in the social get-together in addition to the product presentation and image video. Mediterranean specialities served from two food trucks, an inviting children’s play corner, a photo box and bar, along with a DJ and hot rhythms ensured a fabulous atmosphere and many wonderful encounters, all under the roof of ERZI-Flock.