New website invites you to visit

Today, a good online presence is the basis of successful customer communication and should provide convincing information and attractive ideas at trade fairs and conferences, stationary in the company but also when travelling on business.

With this goal in mind, the management went to work with the support of a specialist agency. The
previous Typo3 application was already a bit outdated and the maintenance of the almost 30-page
and 3-language application was increasingly difficult.

The result is an extraordinarily trendy relaunch of the website that reflects the image of the
cosmetics industry and which, responsively programmed, now also cuts a fine figure on mobile
devices. "It was important to us that both the quality standards we have in our production
technology and the proximity to the world of our customers are convincingly expressed,"
comments Managing Director Andreas Zindel on the result.

The applicators are extensively presented in terms of content. Sometimes simply in the updated
online catalogue, sometimes on the proverbial "red carpet", in the cosmetic application or even in
a surprising perspective in front of the silhouettes of fashion and beauty metropolises. Each time,
the shapes and details of the applicators are the focus.

But also the staff, the technical facilities, production equipment and modern buildings of the
company were portrayed, as there is a lot to experience in a company that relies entirely on its
own production. From now on, with the new website, all doors are open - especially for those
who cannot visit in person.